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Figure-Eight Knot Tutorial

  • Promotes hair growth by adding weight to the hair root.
  • Keeps long tail hair out of dirt, snow and mud.
  • Decreases hair breakage caused by braiding, bagging or wrapping, by decreasing hair-on-hair contact.
  • Leaves natural tail for swishing.
  • Easy to maintain, re-do monthly, or as needed.
  • We use EquiScentials Horse Care Products on our horses.
  • If sharing our tutorial or photos, PLEASE credit CEO Performance Horses!!

    1. Start with a tangle-free tail.

    2. Gather a one-inch in diameter section of hair,
    3-4" below the tail bone.

    3. Form a loop with the hair crossing over itself.

    4. Twist the loop.

    5. Bring the tail-end of the section through the loop.

    6. Gently pull from each side of your loop,
    forming the figure-eight knot.

    7. Continue tying knots throughout the tail.

    8. Secure each knot with your favorite 'vet wrap.'
    Can also secure with a rubber band for temporary use.

    I typically see 3-4" of growth during the winter months.


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